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>> when people take a look at what democrats stand for and republicans stand for, who we are fighting for and who they are fighting for, and we will win. >> the campaign is in the home stretch. >> president obama is doing a terrible job handling the economy. >> voter reaction to the economy, bad news for democrats. surprise announcement from the mayor of chicago. >> today, i am announcing on not
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take a seventh term as mayor of the city of chicago. >> will the president's chief of staff try to succeed him? and how did this guy get on page one? >> did jesus christ were here today, you think he would say, coburn that -- go burn that holy book? >> absolutely. >> if you look at the latest poll, you would have to conclude that outlook for the democrats in november is grim, may be terrible. republicans have a nine-point advantage among likely voters. we all know there is a hurricane coming. what we have not determined is if it will be category three or
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category five. is there any good news for democrats? >> democrats seem to think there is good news, the president is starting to be engaged. he is making a campaign message for them. beyond that, no. >> i do not think there is much good news for democrats. there are two months to go. i suppose they could diffuse the storm a bit, but i do not think in the end, they have the money advantage. they have the opposition candidates who may say stupid things, but that does not seem to matter. people are angry, the economy is too bad. >> i think it is going to turn into a tropical storm. the president is out in battleground states, florida, wisconsin, ohio, pennsylvania, nevada.
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he will make a real fight for them. as you see the polls already, democrats are behind the republicans. they are even in the gallup generic poll. this is pure political prognostication. >> do the republicans to ride the wind and get a free ride? >> the greatest limitation on how much the republicans gain is how much they trip themselves up. they are the only ones who can limit how many games they make. it is conceivable they will limit themselves either by nominating people who are not acceptable to independent voters, or in some cases, having some who are at a disadvantage and enjoy. -- financially. >> there are some who should be behind, given the incredible
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things that they said, in the back comment -- nevada, but even harry reid is behind. in the kentucky, rand paul is ahead. dan burke had one of the most disastrous -- jan brewer had one of the most disastrous moments in a debate where she could not remember what she was talking about. >> the president is going to come out swinging today. of course, ohio is the home state of john boehner. the president made him a target. he mentioned him eight times. >> john boehner air. the republican who thinks he is going to take over as speaker -- >> i guess every thriller needs
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a villain. how much mileage will the president get by portraying john boehner as the bad guy? >> it will be hard for them to elevate him as the face of the republican party because he is not well known nationally. i think they're targeting him for one reason. they are trying to frame this debate as a class warfare debate. when you look at john boehner with his golf excursions, his hand, he can represent the laissez-faire that the white house would like to tack onto the republicans. he is also the one that met with wall street fund-raisers and try to get money from them at a time when republicans were blocking the wall street reform bill. they see a package of there, but it will be tough because he is not a national player. >> republicans have not even succeeded in the lanais in nancy pelosi. i do not think that type of tactic usually works.
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i have to say, obama has suddenly come alive and is talking like a regular person when he says, are other fish in the sea? when i say the sky is blue, they say no. that is a good performance and people identified that. >> going after john boehner is pointless. most of all, most of the people do not know who he is. people in the cleveland do not know who john boehner is. they think he is from southern ohio. it took a year of newt gingrich's personal and political excesses' in office before he became a demon. it comes back to something that colby said. the latest gallup poll showing registered voters, the problem
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is with interested voters. that is where the gap is. the president is trying to take a listless, disappointed democratic voters and convincing them that the race counts. >> but many democrats are not so happy with the president to either. >> there is not a lot of enthusiasm on the left. that is why we are going to see this barnstorming this month, to energize the base and to get those people on the sidelines back into the race. they do have some basic problem with candidates. in nevada, you could gonot get y worse candidate but harry reid is still ahead.
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the same thing in kentucky. rand paul should be trailing in kentucky, but he is competitive. >> the president has two challenges, if he is going to carry the load for the democrats. rally the base and get the independent voters to focus on the race in the way that he wants to define it. you need two messages for that. if you talk to democrat strategists who have done polls on the economy, if you look at the message the president is giving, talking about john boehner may excite insider democrats, make them realize the stakes, but that is not what moves independent voters. you have to talk about bush's moves independent voters. you have to talk about bush's economic policies.
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he never apologized for giving control of $82 million in city contracts to his frat brothers. no apology for his secret trips and missed appearances, for record-high unemployment and overspending the budget. and no apology for what the washington post calls "silly fights with the d.c. council," "unnecessary government secrecy," "shutting out community voices." we're sorry, mayor fenty -- some things you just can't forgive. >> the republicw
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standing against every effort is president and democrats are making to return america to prosperity. >> democratic chairman tim kaine. the answers to two questions should make you queasy, regardless of political association. do you feel confident life for our children's generation will be better than it was for us? 66% to not confident. is america in a state of decline? 65% believe the country is in a state of decline. how do you combat that? >> it is tough to do. america has historically, internationally, been the home of national optimism. this is the most optimistic place on the place of the earth -- face of the earth. optimism breeds confidence. whether you want to take a chance on the gi bill, air,
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water, pollution acts that may difference -- the people that lack optimism, there is a sense of hunkering down. i cannot be concerned about other people. it makes me more self test, self-absorbed. it has a political ripple effect. i do not think that has been totally calculated. >> the president says we will put money into infrastructure. john boehner says we are going to cut taxes and government spending. how does that instill confidence in the american people? >> it does not compute. this is all meant to benefit the economic system, but how does it affect me? they do not feel it. both sides, politicians, they have really lost some credibility. people know people in washington
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will say almost anything to get their approval. what needs to happen is they need to see jobs, jobs, jobs come back. >> we have been saying about four weeks. >> short of people feeling more economically secure, they will have this feeling about the direction the country is going in. >> it is not all bad news, though. there is some slow growth. >> it is true, people want to see the economy roar back, but it is not coming anytime soon. obama may be good to channel run on reagan. while polls show such pessimism, americans want to be optimistic about their future. they want to know, yes, this is a tough time, but it will get better. $50 billion in infrastructure does not get to the kind of
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message they want to hear. i heard that message. it did not fix anything. instead, where is the inspirational obama? ronald reagan brought an uplifting message in the middle of a recession and his party benefited from that kind of inspiration. maybe that is something that obama need to turn to, not just to save his own party, but to get americans as a whole, to feel better. >> i think it is a lot more difficult now than it was in 1982. as bad as the recession was, and it was -- feeling a bit of what i read from david brooks. people have this idea -- my father was a plumber, i have a white collar jobs. i want my kid to be the next step up. that might be an unrealistic ideal.
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and a non prosperous idea for your kid. they could make more money as plumbers, but many of them do not want to be plumbers. we do not make much in the country anymore. actually, we make a lot, but not enough. there is this incredible unease about the future because we see other countries making much more stuff than we are. >> why does a company make things in the united states when they can make things for a fraction in china were elsewhere? >> that is why we are uneasy and they cannot figure a way out. >> this is very much germane to what we're talking about. we are undergoing a fundamental restructuring to our economy. we are not going to produce what we used to simply because of the cost of production. china, a major exporter, is now
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starting to see competition from bangladesh, who can do it cheaper. their labor costs are nearly nonexistent. the job for obama, it seems to me, it is to be able to explain these things to the american people and manage the changes that we will go through. you can now suggest that we are going back to something. we left a certain part of the country that we will never go back to. >> in fairness, he sees this, talks about education, training scientists. >> he has to be able to say, it is over, we are not going to do that again. >> i think the president's task right now, compared to the situation the nation is in common is comparable to a subway
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train that has stopped suddenly between two stops. the lights go out. the american people hear a voice and they hear, this is what happened, this is when we are going to get out. the fact that there are more jobs in the private sector created in this year, this terrible year, then were created in eight years of george bush's administration is something to think about and mentioned. >> richard daley has been>> sim.
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it is time for me, it is time for chicago to move on. improving chicago has been the ongoing work of my life. i loved every minute of it. >> chicago loves mayor daley.
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for those of us in washington, when will rahm emanuel do? the president's chief of staff made no secret that he would like to be the mayor. can he do it? >> probably, but it will not be a cakewalk. lots of people will be running. he has not left a lot of friends outside of his immediate inner circle at the white house. he has managed to take off taketick off -- tick off more people, and has needlessly and gratuitously, hurt many people. they will not forget that. >> unions, hispanics, you name it, he has not set them. >> i do not hear a lot of talk from the white house saying we cannot spare him. >> it would not have been a surprise if he left after the first term.
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chiefs of staff in a modern warehouse do not last that long. it is an enormously high pressure job. for him and others to retire at the end of the first term would not have been a surprise. now with this opportunity, something that he has personally wanted for a long time, betting cards are that he is gone and is serving out the last of his term. >> if you are in better capitalist, you never knew the mayor other than somebody named richard daley. think about all the politicians, ambitious, young politicians, that have gone from youth to middle age, waiting to run for city hall. the city of chicago, 32% of the voters are non-hispanic whites. this is a city that is reflective of the changes of american urban life. >> and it is a fabulous city.
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you have to give a lot of credit to richard daley. >> if rahm emanuel goes to chicago, i think it will be an improvement in chicano and in washington. >> i can see you are a big fan. who would replace him as chief of staff, tom daschle? >> he is a close friend and confidant of president obama. i do not know. i just hope he does not pick another washington insider. >> what kind of a leader, what kind of person does he need as chief of staff? >> somebody with a big boot, but somebody who can communicate with the republicans. that was certainly not rahm emanuel. he was the architect of the democratic takeover of the house. he was not the man to talk to the republicans.
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the president will need somebody who can across the aisle. he is going to have much more republicans next year. >> the question is whether or not the aisle is crossable. >> i think it has to be somebody that enables the president to do what he does best, and that is to inspire, connect with the american people, which quite frankly, he has not done in these two years. >> you run the ship, i will get out there and decide what course it takes. >> if he has a washington insider, it will be the next think about the internet. growing, evolving, literally transforming our lives. now imagine the possibilities of what tomorrow could bring. at at&t, we support a core set of standards that will guide the internet into the future... to protect users, and reward
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>> this stunt that he is talking about pulling could greatly in danger of our young men and women in uniform. >> it is regrettable that a pastor in gainesville, florida,
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with a church of no more than 50 people, can make this but rages, the stressful, disgraceful plan and get the world's attention. >> i guess if your idea is crazy enough, you are guaranteed to get on tv. this guy has been on tv all week. what would you do to this guy? >> i would allow robert gibbs to make a statement and then let it go. this guy -- terry jones -- he would have been right at home in the medieval crusades. he missed his calling by about five centuries. he is an individual who is doing what any number of crackpot could do. the fact that he has gotten so much attention says something about us. >> general petraeus says it could cost lives.
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the secretary of defense called him personally. >> all that is distressing, but the president would have been pilloried if they did not do something. there were already in number of people heard in afghanistan. this reminds me a little bit about the freak shows that we had in the 1920's that got so much attention, except this one had potential to cause damage. >> i think the president would have been chastised if he went ahead with this, in fact, we are already seeing repercussions, evidence of what is happening in afghanistan. the commander in chief's first responsibility is safety. i suggest we give pastor jones his own show on the fox business channel and we will never hear from him again. >> i would have preferred to see
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a more definitive statement from the white house that recognized who we are as americans, want our freedom of speech rights are, but clearly condemn it and then no more talk about it. all the comments that have come later have only fed the beast. >> what about television? should we ignore this guy? >> another thing that we have not talked about, -- and this is just an individual trying to burn the koran. we could have people overseas going after innocent americans?
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